Apart from some regional names and scientific names given, giloy is also referred as root of immortality according to ayurveda. Giloy has gained reputation in the recent past and its unbelievable medicinal properties are surprising even the scientists. This has made it a medicinal plant of high medicinal value and its demand in market is also at peak. It is already a part of many ayurvedic medicines and ayurveda acknowledged its potential in some of its ancient literatures, but now, the entire world is after giloy. But do you really know what giloy is and exactly how it is beneficial for your health? You might have seen the plant, and there are chances that you have already used a product of giloy, but considering the potential the plant carry and the wide variety of ways it can be used, you should know it deeper.

Giloy’s delicate heart-shaped leaves make it more of a decorative plant, but, they don’t reveal the full extent of its medicinal potential. The nutritional content of giloy is very high so it has been an integral and extensive part of medicine since ancient times. On the other hand, its healing abilities and innumerable and we can utilize its potential only when we will get to know some of its crucial benefits, if not all. And if we talk about the research done on the plant so far, not everything can be stated in this small article. As example, you can see “Tinospora cordifolia: One plant, many roles” published in Ancient science of Life talked about all the health benefits of the plant. Also, “TINOSPORA CORDIFOLIA: A PHYTOPHARMACOLOGICAL REVIEW”, published in International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research also explained in detail the value and abilities of the herb.

Rather than going into much of research, let us know the plant for better by directly knowing some of its most important benefits. Following is the list of problems and diseases in which it can be used.

1. Indigestion: Indigestion is extremely common, but don’t worry as you don’t have to struggle finding the solution with giloy being available online and offline. Giloy is an excellent digestion enhancer and you can improve your weakened digestive system with the use of this natural product.

2. Diabetes: You can control all the symptoms of diabetes and while doing so, you don’t even have to compromise with your overall health as you are having giloy- an elixir for health. Since diabetes is not as simple as fever, you might need some other ayurvedic medicines to accompany giloy, but all such medicines again will be made up of some natural products. And hence you aren’t required to worry.

3. Gouty arthritis: You can also use giloy in joint and bones related problems. One such painful problem that can be treated with giloy is gout. It is a type of arthritis and people live with the disease and a painkiller almost every day. This is literally hazardous to your health, and to avoid it while treating gout, you can try giloy. For getting faster results, refer some ayurvedic medicines which contain a few other natural products apart from giloy because the pain in gout is unbearable and hence you need to fix it as soon as possible.

4. Immunity: Low immunity is not just one health issue, but it can disturb your entire health. Apart from staying in stress, both physical as well as mental, you are more susceptible to several infections. Repeated infections can make your body even weaker and a weak body again is an invitation to many diseases. The only way out is try giloy and work on your lifestyle. The later isn’t possible instantly and hence you must start taking giloy if you are told that your immune system is not strong enough.

5. Eye disorders: As it is expected, you can use giloy in a variety of health conditions, and this is what makes giloy so much famous all around the world. One of the prominent benefits of giloy is in eye disorders. Regular intake of giloy makes you eyesight appropriate and your eye muscles stronger.

6. Asthma: Asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder and the patients of asthma find it difficult even to breathe. To ease things up and have a peaceful breathe, one can use the extract of giloy.

7. Aging: We cannot avoid getting old, but yes, with giloy, we can look young. Giloy has anti ageing components and you can fight with all the signs of aging using just a single herb. Not only from outside, but it keeps you young from inside as well.

8. Fever: Giloy is an herb that was famous for its strong anti pyretic action. The magical fever relieving action of giloy has made it one of the most popular herbs in the world. According to several research evidences, it works as well as paracetamol, but has no side effects.

9. Stress: You can tackle with stress and depression using giloy. The leaves of giloy have anti depressant properties. In this stressful world, you ought to have a natural method of keeping your mind calm, and this too is one of the major benefits of giloy.

10. Elephantiasis

11. Improving vision: You can improve your eye sight with regular use of giloy. There are many other ayurvedic medicines which contain giloy and few other herbs that are good for your eye sight. But if you want to take care of your eyes that are not yet weak, use giloy a few times.

12. Liver disorders: Liver is one of the most important organs of human body and most of time, it suffers a lot. To take care of your liver and to treat it holistically, you can use giloy. One of the benefits of using giloy is a healthy and disease free liver.

13. Anemia: Low levels of red blood cells in human blood are indicative of anemia and just like low immunity; this also is an open invitation to many diseases. One way is to take allopathic help, and the other holistic, safe and effective way is to trust something like giloy. Giloy is effective in anemia and you can use it as long as you want because there are no side effects.

14. Urinary disorders: Treating urinary disorders is one of the benefits of giloy and if you too are suffering from any kind of urinary problem, you must try giloy. Topical application of the herb as well as oral intake, you can use it the way you want.

15. Debility: If you feel weak and tired all the time, giloy is something you desperately need. By raising the immunity and saving you from diseases, giloy makes you stronger day by day.

16. Piles: What can be more embarrassing and painful than piles? If you are a piles patient, you can very well relate to it. But, thankfully, you can try giloy and it will surely give your mornings a less painful start.

17. Respiratory problems: A clinical study found it to be good for treating upper respiratory tract infections and there are several other such studies indicating the effectiveness of the herb in all sort of respiratory problems. Be it normal cold and cough, or a severe case of bronchitis, you can use giloy to get better.

18. Arthritis: Arthritis is extremely painful, and unfortunately, allopathy has no promising solution for this. But ayurveda has a solution, which is indeed effective. If you are at the initial stage of arthritis, giloy is what you need. In case you are at the advanced stage, you should go for a stronger cure in ayurveda.

19. Stomach disorders: Whether you are suffering from constipation, digesting AMA (toxin), liver dysfunctions, acidity, gastritis, ulcerative colitis or loss of appetite, the one stop solution to all stomach issues is giloy.

20. Allergic rhinitis: Giloy can also be used against severe cases of allergy and allergic rhinitis. Due to the anti allergen impact of giloy, it is perfect for allergic rhinitis for it can tackle with all the symptoms of the same.

Giloy is the perfect answer to all sorts of infections and is also able to resolve some of the major health issues concerning human beings today. This is the best gift nature has given us and those who want to save themselves from the inseparable ill effects of allopathic drugs must give it a try. It was a part of several ayurvedic medicines and these days, many allopathic drugs also have it in some form. In fact, there are synthesized supplements of giloy available in market. Although we do not recommend you to use these, we insist you try giloy in its natural form because taking it in the form of drugs will again lead you to some health problems. so, either take it in core natural form, or simply choose an ayurvedic medicine containing the same because ayurvedic medicines are strictly made up of natural components like giloy. In either of the ways, you will get the goodness of giloy without any side effects.